The mixture of many styles characterizes the music of the group. It embraces different atmospheres from the mediterranean area, up to the jazz roots.

Emiliano Rodriguez - saxophones

Luciano Biondini - accordion

Roberto Bartoli - doublebass

Ettore Fioravanti - drums

audio (new CD "Danza Gialla" 2012): Prima del cuore vuo Waltz for Alec Wilder
audio (new CD "Danza Gialla" 2012): Isola di sugherovuotChoro loco

audio : Danza Gialla (with G. Trovesi and Banda di Imola)

The new ďE Bairŗv Ensemble" project is named "#1 Cratere Bartok" . It's a tribute to the great hungarian composer by original compositions in "contemporary gipsy" style.

Fabrizio Meloni - clarinet

Emiliano Rodriguez - saxophones

Massimilano Rocchetta - piano

Roberto Bartoli - doublebass

audio (new CD "# 1 Cratere Bartok" 2013): Hora (5,4Mb) Hungarian aries (6,7Mb) Il barbaro allegro (5,2Mb)

audio (with "I Virtuosi italiani" Orchestra): Ukraina (con Orchestra "I Virtuosi Italiani") (3,4Mb)
audio with ("I Virtuosi italiani" Orchestra): Hora Kolomeika (con Orchestra "I Virtuosi Italiani") (7,4Mb)
audio with ("I Virtuosi italiani" Orchestra): Hora (con Orchestra "I Virtuosi Italiani") (4,9Mb)

The bandís acustic peculiarity and the two musiciansí eterogeneous backgrounds origin this musical project. The music of the Duo is a mixture of many styles, that goes from afro-american jazz and latin-american culture to mediterranean ethnical sonorities.

Emiliano Rodriguez - saxophones

Stefano De Bonis - piano

audio: Nati per adeguarsi (4,7Mb) Tataranz (4,6Mb) Transalpando (6Mb)

Music from the soul of deep Brazil

Itís a music which links together popular elements with classical tradition. Alma plays the compositions through original arrangements, which keep intense the colours of brazilian folklore.

Mario Marzi - saxophones

Emiliano Rodriguez - saxophones

Fabrizio Puglisi- piano

Roberto Bartoli - doublebass

audio: 7 Aneis (9,4Mb) Agua e Vino (2,4Mb) BebŤ (6,2Mb)

"Hallo Mr.Sax" Ensemble, formed by 12 saxophones, conductor Mario Marzi, is protagonist of concerts involving the audiences in a very enthusiastic musical travel. The repertory is very wide: there are major classic musicians as Monteverdi, Bach, Haendel, Brahms, etc., 20Th century's composers as Weill, Gershwin, Milhaud, etc., up to famous exponents of jazz as Ellington, Corea, Gillespie.

Ensemble 12 saxophones

Conductor Mario Marzi

audio: Orfeo (0,5Mb) Concerto n.4 - allegro (1,3Mb)
short audio track: Ellingtoniana (1,3Mb) La Muerte de Angel (2Mb)